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If you are looking for fun ways to decorate your space and transform it into something completely new and elegant, then you can never go wrong with a kitchen pendant light. It adds an intimate, ambient feel to any area that you put it in and it comes in a variety of styles to choose from.

If you are thinking about getting a kitchen pendant light of your own to spruce up your living room, bedroom or study, here are some useful tips and tricks to use when choosing one for yourself.

Why Get a Kitchen Pendant Light?

First of all, you have to know why getting a kitchen pendant light can elevate your interior design. 

Kitchen pendant lights can be hung over just about anywhere, and they will provide an illuminated glow on task-specific areas. For instance, you can place it in your study just above your desk or even over the kitchen sink or cooking station.

With its unique and elegant designs, the kitchen pendant light will not only provide ambient lighting but add to the overall aesthetic of the room. They can act as great accent pieces to bring a unified, cohesive look to your space.

Learn the Different Kitchen Pendant Lighting Styles

There are many kitchen pendant lighting styles you can choose from. It can be made in a number of materials like glass, metal, fabric and more that can match just about any interior design in the room. 

If you’re going for a relaxed, boho-chic kind of feel, you might enjoy kitchen pendant lights that are made from woven shades. In contrast, you can also go for a more farmhouse-style kitchen and get kitchen pendant lights made with industrial metal shades.

Finding a Kitchen Pendant Light That Fits Your Area

You can choose to find a kitchen pendant light whose lighting encompasses the exact area you need illuminated. For instance, if you plan to put your light on a sink or desk area, then you will need a smaller fixture, enough to cast light on the task area.

In contrast, you can simply use a bigger pendant light if you plan to use it above your kitchen island. Bigger pendant lights should shine evenly across the room, making it perfect to use over a dining room table as well.

However, you do have the option to cluster small pendants together or even find one that has three or more lights on it. While smaller pendant lights will cast a softer glow, together they should illuminate just enough to fit the needs of your room.

How to Hang a Kitchen Pendant Light

Installing your kitchen pendant light is also an important part of decorating with it. You need to make sure they hang below 12-20 inches from an 8-foot ceiling. If your ceiling is higher than that, then as a rule of thumb you must add three more inches for every added foot.

You also need to take into account the distance from the light to the nearest surface below it. The most efficient lighting height would be about 30 to 36 inches from your tables or countertops.


Kitchen pendant lights are a wonderful addition to any kitchen, living room or study. If you are considering getting one for yourself, you won’t be disappointed by the ambient lighting it provides.

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