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Underground power cables are becoming popular as they allow transmission of electricity to various households and business establishments. The major advantage of underground cables is that it prevents electrical interference as well as accidents such as fire hazards, and it maintains the aesthetics of the surroundings.

Overhead vs. Underground Cables

Overhead cables are the ones we got used to through the years. However, they are often knocked down due to strong winds. On the other hand, you don’t need to worry about this with an underground system. 

In fact, underground cables mean all distribution wiring is placed under the ground, making it safer than an overhead system. Still, overhead systems are a lot more affordable, which is why there are still many areas that use this type of system today. 

The higher costs of underground cables are due to trenching, conduits, manholes and other pieces of equipment used. 

What Are the Advantages of Underground Cables?

Designed with Multiple Layers of Protection

There are many advantages to underground cables today. For one, the cables used are well-designed with multiple layers of protection. With that, they can last for years. Additionally, since the cables are underground, there is nothing that can affect the cables, so there’s no need to worry about any blackouts, especially in the event of a storm. 

They’re Low-Maintenance

Underground cables are also low maintenance and come with fewer faults. They are not susceptible to any type of vibration as well. 

They Aren’t Eyesores

Underground cables are more aesthetically pleasing, which can improve the appearance of outdoor areas. Overhead wires often affect the beauty of different communities. Additionally, projects like tree planting and sidewalk widening can take place seamlessly without the obstacle of overhead power lines. 

They Decrease Health and Safety Risks

Burying power lines may also provide better safety and community health. They can help eliminate fire hazards, safety risks, accidents and power outages. Underground cables can also help reduce the risk of health conditions related to electromagnetic radiation and improve road safety by lessening the chances of motorists running into poles. 

We also mentioned that underground cables require less maintenance. This is because they eliminate weather-related power outages. As a result, they provide more reliable service to citizens. 

Are Underground Cables THE Better Option? 

Based on these advantages, underground cables seem to be the future. In general, they hardly need to be repaired because they are well-insulated against weather elements. Still, over time, underground cables may wear off and repair may be necessary. 

But if you think about these advantages, underground power cables are better than an overhead system. This is also the reason many areas are implementing an underground power system as they are safer and better for local communities. 

With the development in the field of electrical power, efficient and reliable underground cables have become popular. They are being used in the building construction industry in all parts of the world. These cables are undergoing lots of enhancements in order to suit modern-day needs. 

The Main Electricity Source in the Future

Undoubtedly, we will see more underground power cables in the future as they have proven to be more beneficial compared to an overhead system. If you’re planning to switch to underground power cables soon, ensure that you work with a trusted company.

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